Custom Pool Design in East Texas

At Flamingo Bay Pools, we provide complimentary concept and detailed design illustrations prior to the construction of your pool. That way, you’ll get a complete overview of your entire outdoor setting. Through the use of advanced computer-generated 3D design software, you’ll know exactly what your finished pool will look like and can make adjustments as you see fit.

Our goal with every pool is to design it to be exactly as you want it – no matter how elegant or elaborate. You’ll have a myriad of options to choose from, including size, shape, and finish. Whether you want a beautiful waterfall to accent your pool, a deck jet, or custom lighting, Flamingo Bay Pools is ready to make it happen.

Pool Construction in East Texas

Our company is dedicated to creating incredible custom in-ground pools wherever you need one in East Texas. Our job is to make sure you never want to leave your home for a vacation – after all, why leave when you have a personal paradise in your own backyard?

No matter what, when you work with Flamingo Bay Pools, you can rest assured that your new swimming pool will be constructed to your exact specifications. Every time we build a pool for our East Texas customers, we use the best possible equipment and materials and ensure you have a high-end finished product to enjoy for years to come.

Pool Remodeling in East Texas

Have an existing in-ground swimming pool in East Texas that needs a professional touch to bring it back to life? If so, you need the seasoned swimming pool design, construction, and remodeling experts at Flamingo Bay Pools.

At Flamingo Bay Pools, we know the type of wear and tear today’s chemicals can create in your backyard pool. That’s why we’re fully capable of providing your pool with a complete makeover that completely modernizes and updates its style. With a creative pool remodeling, your pool will not only be more attractive, it will also be more cost-efficient, safe, and easier to call your own. For more information on Flamingo Bay Pools’ swimming pool design, construction, and remodeling services, contact us today for a free quote!