Michael Brown is the owner of Flamingo Bay Pools and he is much more than normal. Why? Because normal just isn’t good enough. Being customer-driven, loyal, and straightforward are way better than normal. He has crazy aspirations to cultivate an East Texas swimming pool company that is loyal, authentic, and committed to building awesomeness into every backyard. With many years’ experience in the pool industry prior to founding Flamingo Bay Pools, Michael adopted a simple three-rule philosophy: listen, learn, and implement.

We’re a small company with huge ideas! At our core, we understand the importance of listening to what each client wants, why they want it, and how they can get it. By presenting our clients’ pools as computer-generated 3D designs prior to construction, the entire project – the house itself, the landscaping, and any outdoor structures—is transformed into a lifelike illustration. This allows a complete understanding of what the finished project will look like before we ever break ground.

From start to finish, whether on or off the jobsite, Michael is directly accessible to address customers’ questions or concerns. And upon completion, during a personal “pool-school” session held by Michael, we explain in detail everything you will need to know about caring for your new East Texas swimming pool.

Michael Brown, Owner

Michael Brown is a pool designer in East Texas who builds custom pools that are designed for each individual customer's vision. Prior to establishing Flamingo Bay Pools, Michael's thirty-plus-years career in the swimming pool industry encompassed all areas of the industry. Wholesale, retail, manufacturing, distribution, design, and a construction manager for two large East Texas pool companies. Michael's role for the past 6 years was as construction superintendent and designing pools – however, equally important was his relationship and attentiveness to customers. According to Michael, whether a pool is a simple or advanced design, experience and knowledge are valuable – but customer attentiveness is priceless.

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Michael Brown of Tyler, TX